At Lawnsmith we provide weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing packages to keep your lawn looking fresh year-round. With our licensed and insured staff, you can easily schedule recurring weekly or bi-weekly plans so you don’t ever have to worry or think about your lawn. Let us worry about keeping it maintained and beautiful!

Weekly Lawn Service

Weekly lawn service will provide the best results.  Most southern grasses need to be cut every 7 days for proper care and overall health. With less debris generated from weekly service generally we can achieve a cleaner better-looking outcome. Weekly service is also less expensive per service.

What you can expect if you are on our weekly mowing service:

  • We will show up on the same day (weather permitting)
  • All areas will be mowed at an optimum height based on your type of grass. (Weekly services give the property owner the ability to adjust height of cut to your preferred look)
  • We will show up at approximately the same time each on your scheduled day
  • You can back off to every-other-week service if the lawn slows down over the slower growing months and your weekly service price is still honored.
  • We do our best to leave your property looking it best

Bi-weekly Lawn service Or once Every 2 Weeks

Looking for bi-weekly lawn care? we are happy to help, almost half of our customers select our bi-weekly service. Since the grass is longer than ideal after 2 weeks of growth, our bi-weekly mowing price is slightly higher than our weekly service price. This slightly increased price covers the additional time it will take to complete your lawn service due to its additional growth.

What you can expect if you choose our bi-weekly service:

  • We will show up on the same day each service (weather permitting)
  • All areas will be mowed at a reasonable height and those areas where our mowers can’t reach will be maintained with string trimmers.
  • Hard surface edging around concrete boarders and other obstacles will be completed during each visit.
  • Clippings and debris will be blown from sidewalks, patios, and other hard surfaces
  • We try show up at approximately the same time each week on your scheduled day
  • We do everything we can to leave your property looking its best

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial maintenance services should be turnkey. Meet with us to develop a functional plan to ensure that your property is groomed to your standards. Our well-coordinated combination of services such as mowing, string trimming, edging, leaf clean up, irrigation and fertilization and more allow us to work closely with our commercial customers to put a plan in place to appropriately care for your commercial property.

Have Questions?

The What Ifs…. lawn has a small gate?
Small gates are not the end of the world, but often add time to complete a mowing service as we are forced to use smaller machines.  We can get inside any size gate with our smallest mower. lawn has a steep hill?
We frequently deal with steep slopes. However it may affect the price we have met a hill we can’t maintain. 
...I have outdoor pets?
Dogs are the most common, but we’ve seen chickens, pigs and even a turtle collector.  Seriously!  No real worries if you have pets.  Please pick up toys and pet waste the evening before your scheduled service.  Gates are a big deal to us we try and make sure that every gate is shut before we leave your property.
...I have children?
No worries.  We always show up in a company vehicle and in uniform.  Are employees are friendly and approachable.  We kindly ask you to remove any toys from the lawn if possible the evening before your service. has rained a lot recently?
It is really your preference and depends a little on how well your lawn drains.  We can often cut it if desired or can certainly skip it one week and catch it up the next. When it comes to rain and weather we generally error on the side of caution to prevent in accidental property damage.

Lawn Maintenance

Along with mowing your grass, our services include string trimming, edging, air sweeping, and occasional complimentary round-up services. All of these actions combined help keep a well cared for and maintained lawn. From March to late October, which is the prime growing season for your grass, your lawn requires consistent mowing to maintain its health and vibrancy. With our expert mowing and maintenance services, we mow your property on a reliable schedule you can count on.


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Lawn Care Pro Tip

The “One-Third Rule”

You may have heard of the ‘one-third rule’ in reference to lawn mowing. This rule says that you should never remove more than one-third of the leaf blade during any one lawn mowing. For example, the recommended mowing height for Saint Augustine is 3-3.5 inches. Therefore, the height of the grass should not exceed 4.5 inches before it is mowed back to 3-3.5 inches.

Here’s a simple explanation of why the one-third rule of lawn mowing is beneficial: Turfgrasses, like other green plants, manufacture their own food by the process of photosynthesis. This process utilizes sunlight, which is absorbed through the leaf of the grass plant, to convert carbon dioxide from the air into sugars. When more than one-third of the leaf blade is removed during a single mowing, there is suddenly less leaf area remaining to absorb sunlight and continue the process of photosynthesis. Consequently, the grass plant produces less food for itself, resulting in a weaker plant that’s susceptible to disease and insect damage.

Lawn mowing more than one-third of the grass plant not only weakens the plant, it inhibits the growth of the roots, creating a small, shallow root system. During the dry summer months, these shallow roots can become dried out, eventually killing the plant

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